Have you ever tried to exist in a world that wasn’t yours?
That is exactly what happens to four brothers at the beginning of this epic tale.
Zander looks like any other man in his 20s, except, he is nothing like anyone surrounding him. He is a dragon shifter, and he is not from Earth. The second eldest son of a royal dragon family to be exact, and he, along with his family and other survivors of the collapse of his own world, have been forced to make the human world their home. It was easy enough to find a safe place among the mountains of Utah to make their small, new kingdom for now, but other challenges were sure to arise.
In order to thrive, he and his brothers, Malick, Phoenyx, and Axel will need to find mates who can accept what they are and be willing to become a part of their society. This is easier said than done.
Mila James is a young and ambitious medical research analyst who has just landed her dream job as a part of a huge medical research department. She has always felt she would be a part of something bigger than herself and has been striving towards this goal since she graduated high school early at 16 and headed straight to college with a full scholarship. It has not been an easy road to where she is now, working odd jobs at cafes and retail establishments to make her way in the world until she got her big break. Life is giving her just what she needs; adventure. The last thing on her mind is finding a man. Her career comes first, always. That is, until she comes across Zander one day while enjoying the views of her beautiful new city and feels an instant connection that is almost impossible to turn her back on.
Zander and Mila soon embark on a journey that neither of them were prepared for, Mila being drawn into a plot of family drama and undeniable love she was not prepared for. Zander is caught in the middle of his brothers, disagreeing on one very important point of how to handle their new life on Earth while also trying to find a way to show the woman he loves who and what he is.
However, Zander’s secret is not the only one that will threaten to tear these two apart. Mila too has a secret, one that she knows could bring all of this crashing down, and she may be forced to choose between a life with Zander or her own career when it becomes clear that someone in her department may know more than anyone should about Zander and his family, and their intentions are not good.
Will these two find that fate has brought them together, or will they turn on one another?
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